Friday, January 30, 2004

Democrat Debate Drinking Game 

I really have nothing to say today, I didn't feel the need to watch the Dems "debate" last nigh, what are they going to say that is new? So, I figured that if I am to watch another of their debates, I need to find some way to make it fun. Hence, the creation of the DEMS DEBATE DRINKING GAME!

1. Every time someone mentions a unilateral invasion of Iraq, all the participants must name a country in the coalition, and the first one who can't name one of our foreign partners must take a shot, drink of beer, etc.

2. Whenever a candidate mentions his health care plan, everyone needs to write the estimated cost onto a slip of paper, the lowest number loses and has to take a drink.

3. Whenever Dennis Kucinich says something that is socialist in nature everyone has to drink i.e. his healthcare plan, education plan, department of peace plan, etc.

4. Whenever John Kerry mentions service in Viet Nam, everyone must drink. Also when John Kerry mentions an issue where he flip flopped on, then everyone must drink also.

5. Whenever Howie Dean says anything, everyone must scream really loud, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" The quietest yell loses, and must drink. Whenever Howie mentions that he balanced the budget, everyone must drink, if he mentions that he balanced the budget on the backs of the taxpayers, that means he told the truth and no one drinks.

6. Whenever Gen. Weasel talks about what he would do in the war first person who yells "Gen Weasel was relieved of his command, he sucks!" Wins and everyone else must drink. It is my hope that no one is very sober by then and it is difficult to yell that.

7. Whenever John Edwards says something about the two Americas, the first person to say, "John Edwards is s slimeball trial lawyer worth more than $50 million and is running for president because he's not going to be re-elected to the Senate," wins and everyone else must drink.

8. Whenever Al Sharpton mentions civil rights, first one to yell, "Tawana Brawly," wins and everyone else must drink. Also whenever the good "Rev" Al talks about the 2000 election, and the "disenfranchised" black vote, everyone must drink.

9. Even though Joe Lieberman is a Dem, I have some respect for him, he is the only one with some principles, so every time he disagrees with the other clowns running for president, then everyone drinks. Or not.

Just remember, the object of the game is to get drunk so that the "debate" is watchable.


Thursday, January 29, 2004

One thing that I don't understand about Democrat Party politics is their class warfare strategy. When it comes down to it, Edwards made $50 million, yes million as a trial lawyer using junk science to drive up the costs of insurance for doctors. Where does he get off talking about the elite class of Republicans and their special interests? John Edwards made a career out of slithering into a court room and using fancy language to dupe twelve people into taking money from a doctor based on junk science, and giving it to a member of the "victim class," while keeping 40% for himself. Lets all remember that Edwards is beholden to trial lawyer groups. Sounds to me like he is in bed with special interests.
John Kerry married into two, yes, two monied families. It is estimated that the Kerry-Heinz fortune is worth more than $500 million, but yet while he goes looking for money, he claims to fight for the little guy. He could care less about the little guy, he has never worked an honest day's work in his life. His military service can be considered, but he never served a full tour, and then he turned around and took leadership of an anti-American and anti-military group, which is probably why he reminds us every second that he served in Viet Nam. Kerry mortgaged his house for campaign funds to the tune of $6 million. I don't think that the average American family can relate to a mortgage of $6 million.
Howie Dean promotes himself as being an outsider. Then he hires a beltway insider to manage his campaign. Need I say more about his self-promotion. Howie Dean grew up in the privledged class, and after he dodged the draft, went to Aspen to ski for a few months. Skiing is not a cheap sport to participate in, where did he get this money from? Did he work for it, or did he grow up in a privledged family? He grew up in a privledged family that employed servants. The average middle class family, that Dean claims he will fight for does not employ servants to wait on them.
The Demos bring out class warfare, in order to bring out the vote of the "victims of society." They don't have an alternative message to the Republicans which is why they are not winning congressional elections, and attacking Amerika as this evil place where there are massive divisions between a small class of privledged persons (of which Kerry, Edwards, Dean are a part of) are pulling further and further away from the rest of us poor working shlubs who have no hope of having any money.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The poor people of America live at a higher standard then the poor of other countries, in fact, I would argue that the poor of America would be in the middle class of the socialist EU countries. I fully believe that the reason the Demos pull out the class warfare tactics in spite of the fact that it does not work, is that class warfare stands for everything that they want; income redistribution, socialized Medicare, absolute federal control over education, an emasculated military, and every other socialist program we can envision.
Does it matter that the Dems bring out class warfare? No, it doesn't, it's been proven to be a hollow message. Just remember, that sometimes the message matters more than the barer, but in politics, the barer and who he is, is more important than the message.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I forgot this one yesterday, but a news item keeps this current; the Justice Department has said that there have been not complaints about the USA Patriot Act, the adults in politics should not be surprised, and the eight children vying for the honor of losing to President B in November need to stop their hand wringing and acknowledge that the Justice Department and the AXLE have said that there have been no complaints against the Patriot Act. However, some wacko judge says the First and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution should allow people to give assistance to terrorist groups assistance. Okay, let's get down to it, this ruling is utter foolishness, because saying that part of the patriot Act is unconstitutional because of free speech. So, some Clinton appointed judge thinks that terrorism is free speech? Can anyone say impeachment. Moving on the Fifth Amendment, there is nothing in there about assisting terrorism, it is about due process. Saying something is due process, does not mean that something is not a crime, it means that if someone is accused of a crime, it means that after being accused of a crime, the defendant has a right to due process.

David Kay is testifying in front of a Senate committee at the moment, and one of my senators, one of the worst, is Carl Levin who believed that Iraq had winds when Clinton was president, now that Bush is president has decided that Iraq did not have WAND. David Kay has stated that Iraq had to infrastructure in place, but did not have winds. Something that has been bandied about that if Bush lied about winds, then he would have made sure that winds had been found. Dr. Kay has said that Bush told him to find the truth. The truth as Dr. Kay says is that Iraq did not have massive stockpile, but the infrastructure to produce, and was in violation of UN Resolution 1441. The deems want us to work with the UN, but the UN will not enforce their own resolutions. Bush enforced resolutions that the UN refused to enforce. That is why the petty dictators of the UN hate us, we are a force for democracy, and the dictators of the UN are happy with the status quo. San. Machines questions have much more to do with establishing the truth, of what Saddam Hussein was trying to do instead of leavings attempts to deflect the issue away from the truth that we do not have the intelligence assets in place, assets that the Demos have done away with themselves. What it comes down to is that the Demos do away with assets, then blame Bush because they took away the proper tools to do the job. Voters take note of John Kerry's stance of defending the CIA.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Just a few quick hits before moving on to moral courage again.

Does anyone really believe the Ghaddafi just decided that he wanted peace with the West, or did he decide when he say Saddam Hussein being pulled out of his spider hole? The road to a democratic Middle East runs through Baghdad.

David Kay doesn't use the words moral courage when he talks about how Bush sent him to Iraq, but it is implies it when he tells the press that Bush told him to search for the truth, not "the truth" *wink wink*.

I know that this has been bandied about in the punditry about Wes Clark's candidacy being supported by the Clintons in order to pave the way for a grab by Hillary in 2008. If that's true, their doing an excellent job. Wes Clark has all of the baggage of lack of integrity that the Clintons have, but not the deviousness to use it and come out smelling like a rose. I think that this is the end of Clark's run with a disappointing fourth place finish.

Now on to the moral courage of John Kerry. I know that Newsweek said that Kerry would beat Bush, but first things first, if Kerry is the nominee, he brings too much baggage from his 35 years in Crongress. He has changed his mind in only the past few years based on what the liberal base of the Democrat hatred of Bush. First and foremost, his votes on Bush supported legislation, No Child Left Behind, the Iraq war resolution, and the PATRIOT Act. Kerry voted for all of theses bills, but not says that he is against them. Which Kerry do we believe? The one who votes for bills, or the one who attacks legislation that he supported? Moral courage means standing up for what you believe is right, no matter what other people say. Kerry now says that he was duped by the Bush Administration, but that calls into question liberal dogma that Bush can't tie his shoes without the help of Cindi Rice and Dick Cheney after Haliburton tells them how to do it.
However, Kerry's complete lack of moral courage comes from his activism after he cam home form Viet Nam. He wrote an anti-American book that disappeared when he ran for office, he found "veterans" who never went to 'Nam to testify about atrocities, he quashed a report by a Senate committee that said there was a possibility of POW/MIA still in Viet Nam, and in spite of human rights issues he wants trade with a regime that killed a million people and tortured a few million more in "re-education" camps after the fall of South Viet Nam.
John Kerry is supposed to be a Catholic, but yet he goes against on of the basic tenants of Catholicism, that all life is sacred. Catholic bishops are starting to take a stand against "Catholic" politicians who believe in abortion on demand. I only hope that the bishops continue to stay on the right side of the issue (pun intended) and harden their stance against pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians

Monday, January 26, 2004

There is only one of the Demo candidates who has shown a glimmer of moral courage. That man is Joe Lieberman. There are three things that stop him from being a Republican, three stances on the wrong sides of the issue, he is pro-abortion, pro-tax hike, and pro-socialized medicine. But, he remains the closest thing to an adult among the Demo candidates.
Howie Dean continues to show us that he has no moral courage. In spite of the fact the vast, vast majority of Iraqis are glad to have been liberated from the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein, he keeps on trying to justify being on the wrong side of history. Think of it this way, under President Howie Dean, the rape chambers would still be in use, the torture chambers would still be in use, dissidents would be thrown off buildings, beheadings would still be carried out, hands would be cut off, tongues could be cut out if someone spoke out against Saddam. The mass graves would continue to be filled. It is very easy for Howie Dean to say that it was wrong to liberate 20 million Iraqis when he doesn't live in fear of everything that is said. President Howie would ask permission of the UN before liberating to oppressed people of Iraq. In a move that all conservatives should find ironic, Bush did more to preserve the integrity of the UN than not. Lets all remember all of the resolutions that the UN passed calling for Iraq to prove that they disarmed, and Saddam continued to ignore the UN. The UN should be glad the Bush had the moral courage to enforce the 14 UN resolutions that the UN refused to enforce. And what does the UN do? In typical UNdemocratic fashion, it continues to be a force for petty dictators. I only wish that after showing the moral courage to enforce the UN's resolutions that Bush would give the UN one and only one ultimatum, become a force for democracy, or get out of the U.S. The unfortunate side effect of the would be that some of the EU "democracies," who were saved three times by the U.S. would side with the UNdemocratic nations. But then we already know were France, Germany, and Belgium stand.

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