Friday, March 12, 2004

What War on Terror? 

Ketchup Kerry likes to talk about how we are going about the war on terror all wrong. So how pray tell, does Ketchup intend to carry it out? The same that Clinton did, ignore it, hope it goes away, and then leave a mess for the next administration to deal with and revise history? That's what he's saying with his idea that terrorism is an intelligence and law enforcement mission.

Item Clinton ignored two embassy bombings in Africa.
Item Clinton ignored the attack on the USS Cole.
Both of the above attacks were against American soil.
Item Clinton pulled out of Somalia after a few casualties, after not providing the proper equipment for the troops in Somalia

Those events led up to 9/11. Clinton showed the terrorist organizations that America did not have the resolve to fight. Then, after 9/11 Clinton told every talk show how obsessed he was with Bin Laden. If, Clinton was so obsessed with Bin Laden, he would have arrested him when Sudan offered him up.

After Bush has taken the offensive against terrorism, Ketchup wants to stop the war, and use intelligence (odd considering that he has a record of voting to defund intelligence agencies) and then going in to arrest them. It even sounds nice too, no one gets hurt. The fundamental flaw with Ketchup's "plan" is that it focuses on the individual, and not the structure. WW II ended when Berlin was taken and two atomic bombs were dropped in Japan, not because the Allies took a bunch of enlisted men prisoner. This is a war, make no mistake about it, yesterday's attack in Spain has shown us this. Too many people want to put the blame on "fascist" Amerika, and not where it belongs, on a group of people who hate Western Civilization for its freedoms. These freedoms make us stronger than the Jihadis can ever be. We don't have to recruit people, they come to us. People are motivated by freedom, else we wouldn't have the most powerful army on the plane. And, in spite of what Ketchup says, God is on out side, not on the side of the Jihadis who kill innocent people all in the name of Allah. Nothing less than the survival of Western Civilization and democracy are at stake in the war on terror. Yesterday's attack show us that this is a war without borders. Ketchup will cede everything that our soldiers have fought for thus far, and show the Jihadis the same thing that Clinton showed them. That America's leaders do not have the resolve to fight. Pres B has lead the nation, and kept our resolve going strong. Something this important cannot be entrusted to Ketchup who sold out his brothers in arms after Vietnam, and has taken "nuanced" positions on everything for political expediency.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Those Lying Crooks 

As I am one of those people who are under 35, I usually find irony funny. Which just so happens to why I find it funny that Ketchup told union leaders that the Republicans are a bunch of lying crooks. Union leaders! The unions went to court to stop a law that would require the unions to allow the dues paying members to know how the union leaders are spending the dues money on politics. Never mind that now the leaders are lying about the amount they spend supporting Democrat shills for their agenda. Of course when asked, Ketchup couldn't site one specific instance when the Republicans lied or were crooks in the campaign. Although I could make the case that Ketchup confused Republicans with unions. Just take a gander at The National Right to Work Foundation They have several instances of unions routinely lying to people and breaking the law all in the name of forcing more people to sign up for the union. Ketchup has also said that he will not apologize for saying something of this nature. Why should he, I mean after all, the Republican attack machine is in full assault mode. Never mind the fact that if everyone who ever thought about voting Republican since 1856 sat in some smoke filled room and tried to think up dirty tricks, we would still be behind the Dummocrats. Tammany Hall anyone? Those were Demmos who ran that machine. Kerry is just running away from his voting record, and trying to run a campaign where only he can run on the issues. Presumably because he can't stand under the scrutiny, and would only win an election where he ran uncontested. He's already to the point where he can't answer a question in a clear manner. Time asked him a question about WMDs and the war in Iraq and he answered the question by being on both sides of the war. Is Time part of the VRWC? Is it part of the Republican attack machine? Does anyone want waffles with their Ketchup?

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

A Salute to "Herr" Ashcroft 

The Left is doing what they do best, kicking a man when he is down. Not that being in the hospital is the beginning of the Left's shrill attacks against John Ashcroft just a convenient time for all the "tolerant" people to hope that he dies. The reason that the Left hates him so much, not because his Brown Shirts are dragging people away in the night, but because unlike a AG who's initials are JR, he enforces the law instead of protecting a corrupt president. While the Left is busy wringing their hands over that evil piece of legislation known as the USA PATRIOT Act, there have been no abuses of its power. The Left has yet to respond to the fact that most of the provisions of the PATRIOT Act are also used to prosecute organized crime under RICO. The ACLU of all the Leftist organizations that are against the Constitution have received no complaints over PATRIOT Act. If the ACLU had received any complaints, the Leftmedia would be trumpeting every complaint of the act at any time that they could mention it. The Left would have you believe that Ashcroft's Brown Shirts are poised to drag any of us off in the dead of night, and make us disappear. The problem with that line of reasoning is that it's the loudest of the Bush critics, also known as the blame Amerika first crowd who make these charges. Under their logic, they would be the first to be dragged off. One can at least hope.

Switching gears, why is Ketchup telling everyone that EU leaders are privately telling him that they want him to win? We all know that the Mullahs of Tehran want him to win, and Kim Jong Il is also on the list, I will assume that Yassir Arafat is rooting for Ketchup for courtesy's sake after all, Ketchup said that Arafat is a "role model" and a "statesman." Ketchup is also that man who said that during the first 100 days of his presidency, he'll travel around the world hat in his hand, and apologize for Amerka's role in defending democracy. Oh, by the way, Ketchup saying that Euopean leaders told him privately that they want him to win. When? Under examination, he hasn't had a chance to talk to them, and he made it sound as if he met with them face to face. His campaign has not met with any foreign leaders face to face.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Meanwhile here in the real world, this is something that would never happen.
How Many Votes Equals One Vote?

Tell A Lie Often Enough... 

Ketchup Kerry likes, no, loves to talk about how much he supports the troops. Okay, let's examine.

Voted against the $87 billion to support the troops in Iraq, and then blames Bush for not adequately funding the troops.

Voted against M1 Abrams, against Bradley Fighting Vehicle, against F15, F16, against Aegis cruisers, against missile defense, etc.

Slandered the troops still in Vietnam by claiming to have witnessed war crimes, but was unable to provide evidence, and has been discredited by responsible media (most of his "witnesses" did not serve).

Talks about intelligence failures, but does not mention that he has voted to defund intelligence agencies.

The point here is not to rehash Ketchup's record, but to prove a point. I don't remember for sure who said it, but I want to say it was Dr. Goebbels, the Nazi propagandist, "tell a lie enough, and it becomes true." Ketchup is trotting out his Vietnam record, even though many questions are starting to come up about his character while in country. It has also come out the Ketchup joined up only after the draft board wouldn't allow him a year's deferment to study in Paris.
Ketchup in one of his rallies said that the Bush campaign is going to attack his character (finally, I arrive at the point). Here's the problem with that, the Ketchup Campaign distorts the facts, Ketchup himself runs away from his voting record. I just so happen to be an endangered species in this day and age, I believe in character and integrity. It seems that as time goes by, society places less and less emphasis on values, the culmination being Bill Clinton. The reason that Ketchup's record is getting a free pass on his record from the "elite" media, is that they respect his "nuanced" positions, his positions that as GWB said, that are strong, but only for a short time. Ketchup shouldn't be talking about his character being attacked, he has no character to attack. He should be offended that his integrity is being attacked. If he had a shred of integrity that is.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I caught Ketchup Kerry giving a quick interview on FNC. He had a plan for everything that the Bush Administration was wrong on. He didn't share his plans with us though, maybe he's using the successful tactic used by the Demos in the '02 midterm elections, tell us how Bush is wrong, but don't offer any alternatives. It's going to work just as good as it did then (heh, heh, heh).
But, I feel sorry for Ketchup as I eagerly await Nov, 2 so I'll help him out a bit and write a new stump speech for him. I'm even going to include how the crowd is supposed to react so that his lackeys or henchmen or whoever hold up the cue cards telling the crowds how to react don't get confused, I know I do with his monotone sing-song delivery. Okay, here it goes.

Republicans. (boos)
Their radical right wing agenda. (boos)
Democrats. (cheers)
I was in Vietnam. (cheers)
I'm going to trot out Max Cleland and use him as a prop. (cheers)
Iraq. (boos)
The UN. (cheers)
France. (cheers)
The Texas Air National Guard. (boos)
Capitalism. (boos)
Haliburton. (boos)
Enron. (boos)
Socialism. (cheers)
Income redistribution (more cheers)
Big oil. (boos)
SUVs. (boos)
Big drugs. (boos)
The gun lobby. (boos)
Other special interests that don't give me money. (boos)
Union money. (cheers)
Trial lawyer money. (cheers)
Militant environmentalist money. (cheers)
Abortion. (cheers)
High trade tariffs that will severely damage the economy. (cheers)
And that is why I will be next president. (cheers)

I tried to make this as non-specific as possible so that Ketchup can keep his finger in the wind, and tell his crowd reaction people to change the reaction cards if he decides to flip-flop on any issue.

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