Saturday, April 10, 2004

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A Second Modest Proposal 

This is one of the rare mornings when I catch Fox and Friends (I'm a raging insomniac and stayed up all night) and in their lead story, they went to Baghdad. They did a man in the street poll (unscientific). The results were that everyone wanted Amerika out of Iraq. Why you ask? First, I should direct you to the first of my modest proposals because as is becoming usual these days, "Woohoo, I love America, their soldiers saved us from a brutal tyrant!!" Fast foreword a few weeks. "Filthy Amerikan imperialist pigs. You saved my country, but what have you done for me today?" Why are the Iraqis mad at us? Because we don't provide enough security. Fine, that can be a reasonable criticism. Except in this case as the threats come from a petulant little man who doesn't want democracy&trade, he wants a theocracy (he is suspected of being funded by Iran). Fine. It's a matter the Iraqis must figure out for themselves. June 30th is not far away. What happens when Iraq starts to put together a semblance of a democracy&trade and when they have their first security issue? Why they do what the rest of the world does. The take the issue to the UN Debate Club&trade, and while the Debate Club&trade plays at being relevant, they come crying to Uncle America. "We really didn't mean all the bad things we said about you. Please help us." And then what happens? Uncle America steps in to save the Iraqis from their deadbeat government, and the cycle begins anew.

I know we went into Iraq to get WMDs (which I still believe will be found) and their liberation was a happy side effect. It must also be noted that the US is spending taxpayer money and soldier's lives (along with our real friends) without expectation of being paid back by Iraq. Fine a functioning democracy&trade is in the interest of America. When it comes down to it, America is synonymous with democracy&trade. Whenever the positions of other countries are mentioned, it is not pro-Western Civilization it is not pro-democracy&trade, it is pro-American. Why is that? It just wouldn't be a post if I didn't travel back in time to history&trade. America has always fought to defend and preserve democracy&trade. WW I, WW II, the Berlin Airlift, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I. We provide democracy&trade to anyone who wants it. Problem is, it means less to people who don't have to fight for it. We got it right the first time because we fought for it. France fought for it too, but a bunch of people lost their heads after they got it. Kind of makes you wonder who is more sophisticated (I know that's off topic, but I couldn't resist). As per usual in any of my modest proposals, the point comes down to if they don't like us fine. Just don't come running to us when you need help.

War For Oil Update 386 days after the start of the War For Oil, it looks as though our troops will have to invade ANWR for oil. Either that or stop refineries from blowing up.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Lessons From History pt 2 

Victor Davis Hanson puts Ted Kennedy's (D Wino Alley) hysteric claims that Iraq is another Vietnam into perspective. Odd that the brother of the man who took us into Vietnam would say that. (Ike only sent advisors)
Item They are two different countries.
Item Iraq is a desert nation, Vietnam is a jungle.
Item The Vietnam conflict ended in 1974. Unless Teddy has a time machine, it is impossible for Iraq to be a war fought 30 years ago.
Item Pres B knows enough about military issues to let the military leadership run the war unlike LBJ micromanaging every aspect of the Vietnam conflict.

War For Oil Update 384 days after the start of the war for oil, the Iraqi oil output has nearly reached prewar levels, but gas prices remain high.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?


Lessons From History 

As I tend to do in cases such as yesterdays battles in Iraq I tend to go back to history's lessons. I fully expect the "No Blood For Oil" crowd to be emboldened by the recent developments and to beginning their new calls for an unconditional pullout after all, it worked so good for Spain. But, getting back to history, I'm not up to speed on domestic history during WW II, but I don't think there was a "No Blood For Jewish Lives" crowd calling for an unconditional withdrawal from WW II when the Battle of the Bulge began. Here are some overall statistics I got from here.

· The coldest, snowiest weather “in memory” in the Ardennes Forest on the German/Belgium border.
· Over a million men, 500,000 Germans, 600,000 Americans (more than fought at Gettysburg) and 55,000 British.
· 3 German armies, 10 corps, the equivalent of 29 divisions.
· 3 American armies, 6 corps, the equivalent of 31 divisions.
· The equivalent of 3 British divisions as well as contingents of Belgian, Canadian and French troops.
· 100,000 German casualties, killed, wounded or captured.
· 81,000 American casualties, including 23,554 captured and 19,000 killed.
· 1,400 British casualties 200 killed.
· 800 tanks lost on each side, 1,000 German aircraft.
· The Malmedy Massacre, where 86 American soldiers were murdered, was the worst atrocity committed against American troops during the course of the war in Europe.
· My division, the 106th Infantry Division, average age of 22 years, suffered 564 killed in action, 1,246 wounded and 7,001 missing in action at the end of the offensive. Most of these casualties occurred within the first three days of battle, when two of the division’s three regiments was forced to surrender.
· In it's entirety, the “Battle of the Bulge,” was the worst battles - in terms of losses - to the American Forces in WWII.

As with yesterday's battles, the Battle of the Bulge was the last gasp of Hitler, and the reason for its initial successes Allied intelleigence didn't believe Hitler had the troops to mount an offensive. Much the same way as yesterday, there had just been random shootings, and bombs placed at the side of roads, no direct attacks against our service men. I don't mean to denegrate the lives of our soldiers who defend our freedoms, but I mean to put things in perspective. The greatest president of the 20th century said, there are simple solutions, but not easy solutions. It's simple to say that bringing demoocracy to the Middle East in order to improve human rights and world security, its not an easy solution though, its been extremely difficult, but in spite of yesterday's battles, we are winning the War on Terror (WW IV) and the liberation of Iraq. To give up now, would just show that Pres B is has the moral courage of Clinton, along with the inability to see the job done. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. This is a war for nothing short of Western Civilization. I just read today that Sharia is gaining a foothold in Canada. What's next, the raping women and defending it by saying it's permissable by Islamic culture? Honor killings? Islamofacsists have two weapons in their arsenal, terror and emigrating to foriegn countres and refusal to assimilate. Western Civilaztion again stands in the balance much as it did in WW II, and the enemy is the same, facism. The only difference is that the fascists of this war are not secularists, but guided by Islam. Fascism by any other name is still fascism.

War For Oil Update 383 days after the start of the War For Oil, gas pices remain high.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Ketchup's Job Plan 

Jean F'ing Ketchup announced that he had a "plan" to create 10 million jobs after 300,000 jobs had been created in March. What's his "plan?" The only thing that has been mentioned, is lowering corporate taxes. However, FNC's Jim Angle has reported that at a roundtable of businessmen, they were not in favor of that plan, they want the consumers to have lower taxes so consumers have more money to spend on their products. Is that Ketchup's "plan" to create more jobs? It seems that Ketchup didn't learn the lessons of the 2002 elections when for the first time since FDR the president's party has also controlled Congress. Why did the Dems lose? They didn't have a message. All they could do is tell us that Pres. B was wrong but they didn't have an alternative. Ketchup is doing what is in effect the same thing economically. He should shut up with foreign policy since he's already said that he would subordinate foreign policy to the UN. There's one ball dropped. He has a "plan" to create 10 million jobs, but he has yet to reveal that plan to us. The easy way to explain his impending November defeat is that the same metrosexuals who were consultants and strategists for the 2002 elections. Socialists don't make good business people, if they knew what they were doing, they would find better people to run the Ketchup Kampaign. It didn't work before, maybe this time the American people will be dumb enough to fall for this time. Not a chance.

I don't remember the exact number, but I think two thirds of people believe that Ketchup doesn't believe what he says. I think this is a golden opportunity for the Bushies. I know that the $900 billion tax increase was a number arrived at independently based on spending increases and deficit reduction spending. I would make an ad based on this information along with the number of people who don't believe that he has a set of core beliefs. I can easily imagine a President Ketchup taking to the airwaves to tell us that in spite of what he promised us about reducing taxes he is being forced to raise taxes so he can raise spending. We all remember GHWB's "Read my lips, no new taxes." A somewhat intelligent person would ask how a President Ketchup plans to increase spending while reducing taxes. But then again, Ketchup has a severe credibility gap with the people.

War for Oil Update 381 days after the start of the war, gas prices remain high.

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