Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Send in the Clowns 

War For Oil Update 390 days after the start of the War For Oil, gas prices show no sign of going down.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Those "Tolerant" Dems 

This is from those "tolerant and peace loving" Dems. If this were a group of Repugnicans calling for the same against Les Aspen (I think) after Somalia, the Dems would be howling for an apology and complaining about hate speech. There's nothing better than double standards to illustrate the absolute hypocrisy of the Left.

America's Fifth Column 

The media hates the US. There's no doubt about it. Actually, it's not so much the US the media hates, its GWB, and his vision of the US in it's role as a defender of democracy&trade. The problem with the media, as usual, is that they give us a completely biased point of view. One of the major ways that the bias of the media shows through is their inability to provide all the information so that those of us who make up the unwashed masses can make our own decisions and not allow that media to make up our minds. First, we have this. I have an open question to the media, why aren't we hearing news out of Um Qasr, Basrah, or Kurdistan? Okay, that was a rhetorical question. The reason that we don't hear news out of those regions is because they don't view us a occupiers, but as liberators. The Media Research Center provides a chronicle of the unbiased coverage of the campaign here. They also chronicle the unbiased media's war coverage here. It's a little behind, but it proves my point.

The media as usual has an agenda. The agenda is primarily anti-Bush. Ted Kennedy (D Wino Alley) claims the Iraq war was dreamed up in Texas. Here's the problem with that little claim, there was a bill passed in the Senate in 1998, that made regime change in Iraq official US policy. It passed 98-0. Then-President Clinton signed it into law and President B enforced the law five years later. I haven't seen much in the news about the bill, and I don't recall the media spending time mentioning that bill when Kennedy is making his Black Helicopter VRWC claims. One thing is for sure, he didn't vote against the bill. Bernie Goldberg makes the statement in both of his books, Bias and Arrogance that the media's agenda paints their coverage of stories. The media refuses to give the American people the entire story because it doesn't fit in with their view of America, and what America should do in the world. It goes back to the news from Iraq. Whenever we hear about how "soldiers" have low moral, the source tends to be one soldier, and not a large group of them. That's because the vast majority of soldiers are on board with the spread of democracy&trade. We won't hear that from the media though, much in the same way that we won't hear good news from the 99% of Iraq that is pacified. The media wants to paint us a picture that Iraq is this horrible place that is nothing but a death trap for our soldiers. The truth of the entire picture of Iraq doesn't fit with their anti-Bush agenda. That's why the Leftstream media won't tell us the truth. They'll force their agenda down our throats.

War For Oil Update 389 days after the start of the war and a year since the fall of Baghdad, gas prices remain high.

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