Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Terrorist Plots and Tin Foil Hats 

One can only wonder where the WMDs came from in the terrorist plot in Jordan. When I get bored, I tend to start speculating on the mysteries of the world. A few things came out of my warped mind.

The question that must be answered, is what happened to the WMDs. Would Saddam be above selling WMDs to terrorist groups? He had to get the money to pay suicide bombers from someplace, but he was also skimming money from the Oil-For-Food program. Was that money enough for him? Saddam wanted what other totalitarian dictators want, and that would be power. Money buys power. The terrorists didn't just go to the local gun store and buy chemical weapons. If I had to guess, they came from Iraq. This is nothing more but wild speculation on my part, but the pieces of the puzzle fit. More pieces for the puzzle are here.


Jean F'ing Ketchup is making another one of his false claims about the Bush Administration. It's been bandied around that everyone of the presidents since Jimmy "the dimmi" Carter have asked the same from Saudi Arabia. In fact, in another of Jean F'ing Ketchup's flip-flops, he said Bush should do this very thing. Hmmm. Jean F'ing Ketchup has run one of the most inept campaigns I've seen. He makes claims he can't back up. He has yet to make a stand on anything. He cannot answer a tough question without a long and tortured response and flip-flopping at least once in his answer. Ketchup would be even further down in the polls if the useful idiots of the media weren't so fervently ant-Bush and anti-American. I can't wait for the Bush-Kerry debates. People can talk about Bush's public speaking skills, but Kerry has no chance to win a debate unless it's with himself, and even then I'm still not sure Kerry could win. The people who lost the House and Senate to the party in the White House for the first time since FDR are running the Ketchup Kampaign. They're even using the same tactics, tell us that Bush is wrong, but offer no alternatives. When are the adults going to start running the Ketchup Kampaign? That is, if there are any adults still on the Left, and not a bunch of hysterics.

Anyone that wasn't wearing a tin foil hat while reading that now is under the control of the VRWC via our mind control satellites. Dennis Kucinch knows all about them.

War For Oil Update 396 days after the War For Oil began and two days since Ketchup made up some Black Helicopter theory that gas prices will fall before the election, gas prices continue to remain high.

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