Saturday, May 01, 2004

Giggling Like the Proverbial Schoolgirl 

From the The Federalist, it was only on the e-mail version though, so everyone needs to get a subscription to it.
With characteristic flair (and fanaticism), the Wrong Reverend
Je$$e Ja¢k$on suggested this week that the UN should consider
sanctions against the United States for the war in Iraq, based
on its decision to "murder all these people on faulty information."

I imagine something like this happened, "Rev. Jackson, your name has not been in the news lately what with your failure to free the latest American soldier held hostage by the Jihadis." Some unnamed advisor.
"Well, we can't have that now can we." The "Rev." Jackson.
The "Rev." Jackson had been cashing in off Martin Luther King's death for his entire career as "civil rights activist." This guy has no moral authority, and is nothing more than an extortionist who is able to slither through the cracks because of his "not for profit" Rainbow Coalition/PUSH. Which are pretty much front companies for his extortionist activites. Anyways, (giggling like a schoolgirl) yes, why don't the countries of the UN vote sanctions against us. I mean, it's not like we're largest consumer of consumer goods or anything like that. I'm sure that the Chinese can find other markets for their goods. It's not like the world economy follows the US economy or anything like that. (Giggling uncontrollably now).
"When you kill people outside of international law, I'm not sure
what you should call it,'' the Reverend said in a speech delivered
earlier this month to mark the anniversary of the assassination
of Martin Luther King, Jr. "Iraqis are human beings, too.
We killed them; we executed people on this flawed policy."

Why do people always invoke "international law," but they cannot actually provide specific laws. Somewhere, I'm sure that genocide is against "international laws," but the "Rev." Jackson didn't speak out against the genocidal campaign waged against the Kurds or the Marsh Arabs.
Jackson went on to label the U.S. liberation "a crime against
humanity." Later, speaking to reporters, Jackson showed just
how far he's willing to go, even suggesting that the UN might
act against the U.S. militarily. "I'm not sure the UN has the
power to act against us in a military way, but they have a right
to make a moral judgment,'' he said. "There should at least be
a hearing and a judgment."

I know he's no Hitler, but the 1,000,000 people that Soddam Hussien killed is a real "crime against humanity," not just the standard "I hate America so therefore everything America does is wrong." At least with all of the other stupidity of his statement, the "Rev." Jackson can at least see that the UN wouldn't have a chance of acting against us "in a military way." I know anyone can see this coming but, the UN and what army?
mwahaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa (rolls on the floor laughing hysterically). (Catches breath).
The UN has no moral authority whatsoever. They cheer on the palestinians displaced Arabs' attacks on innocent Joooooooos, but if Israel defends itself, they are the terrorists and in violation of these mythical "international laws."
Apparently, Jackson -- running a little short on good judgment
himself -- forgot the seventeen UNSC resolutions condemning
Saddam's regime, and the final one authorizing the use of force.
However, only the U.S. and its allies -- not the UN -- possessed
the fortitude and moral clarity to follow through.

1441 which promised "dire consequences" if Soddam Hussien didn't prove to the world he disarmed passed in the UNSC unanimously, which means that such countries as Moscow and Paris who were bought off by Saddam's blood-oil money voted for it. Perenial US ally, the UK was behind us, while German, French, Russian and UN intelligence (I know its an old joke, but isn't that a contradiction in terms) agreed with us that Saddam Hussien had WMDs, probably because Paris, Moscow, and Berlin sold him components for the WMDs and then decided that they would rather take their blood-oil money than the moral course.

War For Oil Update 407 days after the start of the "international crime against humanity," gas prices remain high.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Most Interesting 

For the first time in my life, I am going to make my decision on who to vote for this November on one issue. It's not national defense or taxes or the economy; those are all national issues on which I remain conservative on. The issue I'm referring to, is a local issue, forced unionism. Who I vote to send to Lansing, if anyone, must be opposed to forced unionism and for an individual's right to not have to pay a right to work tax to a corrupt union, the same union who I was forced to pay a right to work tax to, but as a result of being forced to pay them they are unaccountable to me. The National Right to Work Foundation has posted laws that unions must abide by when new people are hired into a unionized company.
* the union must inform you that you have the right to be a nonmember;
* the union must inform you that nonmembers have the right to object to paying for union activities not germane to the union's duties as bargaining agent and to obtain a reduction in fees for those activities;
* the union must give you sufficient information to enable you to intelligently decide to object;
* the union must tell you about its procedures for filing objections; and,
* if you object, the union must tell you the percentage of the reduction, the basis for the calculation, and that you have the right to challenge these figures.

Having these laws is a good start, but when I was hired into my last job, the Teamsters didn't feel the need to tell me about these laws. The reason why the Teamsters didn't see fit to share this information, is because they are not accountable to me, the dues paying member of the union. Not only that, but if I'm not paying full dues, then the union officials who make a couple hundred thousand a year will have less money to play with.

WASHINGTON — The former federal prosecutor hired by the Teamsters Union and heralded as the man who would help eliminate organized crime and corruption has resigned, claiming that President James P. Hoffa has reneged on his commitment to reform the union.
“I have become convinced that Jim Hoffa is no longer committed to an aggressive effort to clean up the union,” Ed Stier said in an interview Thursday, one day after sending a letter of resignation to each member of the union’s General Executive Board.

This is only wild speculation on my part, but one thing that could have changed Hoffa Jr's mind is money from aforementionedoned organized crime.
Stier’s allegations, vigorously denied by Hoffa, may derail or delay the union’s efforts to rid itself of government supervision. The union agreed to government oversight in 1989 in settlement of a racketeering suit in which the Teamsters were accused of being a “subsidiary of organized crime.”
Stier, the founder of New Jersey’s organized crime and corruption office, said in an interview that Hoffa failed to take the necessary action to end corruption in a Texas local and “undermined” his efforts to investigate the presence of organized crime in Chicago locals.

Chicago? I'm shocked.
Since taking office in 1999, Hoffa has made ending government supervision his top priority.

I suppose it's easier to break laws and force more people to pay you money when the Federal Government isn't looking over your shoulder.
“Based upon Jim Hoffa’s reaction to our report, in which we have made it clear that we have substantial reliable information that organized crime again threatens the union, I have become convinced that my continued efforts and those of our investigators to create an anti-corruption program for the Teamsters Union would be futile,” Stier said in his resignation letter.

Let's see. Like father, like son? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Pick one.
Hoffa called Stier’s allegations “false and reckless” and insisted the union remains “fully committed to remaining free of the influence of organized crime and corruption.” Hoffa said the union intends to continue to cooperate with law enforcement “in pursuing any remnants of organized crime that may still exist in our union.”

I forgot, where is Hoffa Sr buried again? Where did the Mafia get the money to build the Vegas Strip? The Teamsters have a history, and in spite of innocent until proven guilty, the burden of proving themselves innocent is on them. When you have a history of working with organized crime, and the guy you hire to fight corruption quits because someone has the appearance of hiding something a very large red flag appears.
Teamsters General Counsel Patrick J. Szymanski said Stier was overreaching in his investigations of union corruption and was costing the union $150,000 a month. Stier’s report on the extent of organized crime influence in Chicago has been turned over to the Justice Department, the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York, where the original racketeering suit was brought, and to the court-appointed Independent Review Board, Szymanski said.
“Frankly, we think that when the government looks at this, they will understand we haven’t changed our position and that we are still firmly committed to running a clean union,” Szymanski said. He said many of Stier’s allegations were based on anonymous sources.

If the government finds any influance of organized crime, then Hoffa can kiss his hopes of ending federal oversight good bye. Anyways, in my experience with the officals in Detroit, they are not that concerned with integrity, and if they are not concerned with inegrity, then how committed are they to running a clean union?
The Teamsters’ 1999 hiring of Stier and his team of investigators, all former law enforcement agents; the creation of Project RISE (respect, integrity, strength, and ethics); and development of a code of conduct were frequently cited by Hoffa as evidence that the union was determined to remove all vestiges of organized crime.
Stier said that Hoffa used his influence as general president to hamper and delay efforts to end corruption in the Texas local where thousands of dollars were stolen. He also said Hoffa failed to take action against those accused of being associated with organized crime in Chicago. Witnesses who testified against their leaders now feel “abandoned,” he said.
As a result of Hoffa’s actions, Stier said there is a “danger” that organized crime, which had mostly disappeared from the union, may come back.
“Because the General President plays such a critical role in enforcing standards of conduct within the union, my position has now become untenable,” Stier wrote in his letter of resignation. “I can no longer permit my presence in the union to act as an endorsement of his sincerity.”

Organized crime has mostly disappeard from the the union? It's good to know that I could have been giving money to the Mafia. Sounds a bit like the fox is in the henhouse, and the farmer knows all about it, but won't do anything because the fox is paying him to look the other way.
It will now be up to members of the union’s General Executive Board and Teamster leaders around the country to decide “whether they let things slide back to where they were before or they take action to clean it up,” he said.
Stier stressed that his criticism is not directed at the union as a whole, but to one man: “Jim Hoffa.”
“This is a tragedy,” he said, “because the men and women of the union are going to suffer because of this. Their expectations have been raised. They have made a substantial commitment to support the union’s anti-corruption program. This is going to be a terrible setback.”

It all depends on how far Hoffa Jr's corruption runs down. I wouldn't be surprised if the structure is rotten from top to bottom.
When he was hired in 1999, Stier said, he remembers “clear as a bell” telling Hoffa and the executive board that they must be prepared to hold their friends and political allies accountable if they are found to be corrupt.
“Don’t start down this road unless you are prepared to do that,” Stier said he told the union leadership. “You will be worse off if you start and then turn back than if you had never started at all.”

It's easy for people to talk about how commited they are, but when the heat is on, to hide under the table.

War For Oil Update 406 days after the start of the War For Oil, wich Hoffa Jr opposed, apparently beacuse we would outsource all of the oil production and related jobs bringing us cheaper oil, gas prices remain high.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Before starting I would like to welcome ABC News to the VRWC in the Republican Attack Machine department.

John Kerry does not deserve to be president.
Medalgate does not come from the VRWC or the RAM, it come from ABC News. Drudge has the transcript of my fellow VRWC Inquisitor Charles Gibson grilling Ketchup on his medals.

Here's where this gets tied into character. Jean F'ing Ketchup has changed his story on his medals several times. As a campaign issue this is probably not important, but as a personality issue, it is extremely important because it gives us a window into Ketchup's psyche. If he wants to dishonor the sacrifices of our soldiers in Viet Nam, he has the right to do that. But, if Ketchup wants to dishonor the troops, he should at least be honest about it. As a campaign issue, Ketchup is running on his Viet Nam service, and everything tied into his service is fair game, including his betrayal of the troops still in Viet Nam by slandering them. The War on Terror and national security are extremely important issues in the upcoming election, but Ketchup cannot run with any strength on these issues. I caught some DNC Klown on Fox and Friends this morning trying to defend Ketchup's dishonoring of the troops and then trying to lie his way out of it. The DNC Klown didn't have anything other than to blame the VRWC and RAM. Isn't this getting a little old now? I know the Left hates to take any bit of personal responsibility, but Bush, Cheney, and Rove aren't the supervillains they are made out to be. In fact, the Ketchup Kampaign is on the defensive, not because of the VRWC and the RAM, but because Ketchup has a lot of baggage that needs to be handled, and he can't just toss it aside. A Ketchup presidency would be a disaster for America. Jimmy Carter was bad, Ketchup would be much worse. Under Ketchup's "foreign policy" America would have to fight to retain our independence from the UN. I wouldn't trust Ketchup to be my garbage collector let alone the president of the country that is the defender of Western Civilization&trade and democracy&trade.

War For Oil Update 403 days after the War For Oil began, gas prices remain high.

Monday, April 26, 2004

A Word About "Quagmires" 

If there is one buzzword that the Leftstream media likes to use as description for the Gulf War, besides Vietnam, is quagmire. In this case, they're partially right, they just have the timing wrong. More later. First, I think we have two other "quagmires" to discuss.

World War II I mean, c'mon. We're still in Germany and Japan 59 years later. If that isn't a quagmire, then what is? Is the media going to wise up to the fact that we still have troops in Germany and Japan after fighting a war against them? Shouldn't we have ended those foreign occupations say forty years ago? Thirty years ago? When are our troops in Germany and Japan coming home? Aren't those countries supposed to be our allies now?

The Korean War While technically a conflict and not a war, Congress never declared war, but it was fought under a UN Security Council resolution. We still have state of war with North Korea. That would happen to be the reason that we have approximately 38,000 troops along with several hundred thousand S. Korean troops across the demiliterized zone from about 1,000,000 N. Korean troops with about a million mines in between. Hello, media, when are you going to declare the ongoing Korean Conflict to be the quagmire that it is?

The Gulf War There is no Gulf War I and Gulf War II. Saddam Hussein never fulfilled his side of the cease fire agreement. Ergo, the war never ended. The Gulf War consists of two campaigns. Campaign the first liberated Kuwait. Campaign the second liberated Iraq itself. I mentioned a quagmire in the Gulf War above. The quagmire of which I refer to is the 12 years in between the two campaigns. A few airplanes patrolled the no fly zones, and were shot at. I would think that an attack on American Air Force planes would be an act of war. Where was the media while this quagmire was going on? Put a Republican in the White House and suddenly every troop deployment that is barely a year old is a quagmire.

Wait, by Jove that's it! The media hates Republicans. Okay, that's nothing new, we all know that the media is full of the DNC's useful idiots. I mean, who else thinks that Tehran, Baghdad and Havana have free elections? You guessed it, America's own fifth column, the Leftstream media.

Fraudulent Coalition Update The British are going to send in more troops and the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is planning on increasing their troops from 150 to 550. In the legitimate coalition update, Paris, Berlin and Moscow were bought and paid for by Saddam's blood-oil money

War For Oil Update 402 days after the invasion of an oil rich Middle Eastern country (that happened to have been controlled by a mass murderer who also had WMDs) gas prices remain high.

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