Thursday, May 13, 2004

Where is the Outrage pt 2 

The murder of Nick Berg lasted one day in one of my hometown papers, The Detroit Free Press. Today, it was sent to the letters to the editor page. Nothing of the story beyond the yesterday's story. What was so freaking outrageous from yesterday was that like all good I hate AmeriKKKa media, they morally equivocate the brutal beheading of an AmeriKKKan Joooooooo with a few naked pictures of prisoners. Where. Is. The. Outrage. From. The. Left?

Strong rant follows.

The NY Times felt that some naked pictures were a bigger story than the beheading of an AmeriKKKan. All the news that's fit to print? No, Fifth Column. There is no equivocation. I was looking at the names of the people who wrote letters to the editor today, and there were no Arabic names. They're probably more concerned with making sure that mosques can broadcasts calls to prayer in the tradtionally Polish-Catholic city of Hamtramick. Dearborn, MI has the highest concentration of Arabs outside the Middle East. Why aren't there any imans condemning this brutal murder of an AmerKKKan? Simply because there people who are responsible for this murder are mainstream Islam. Islam is the only religion to encourage murder. How many Arabic nations condemned this murder in their own language? None. The Left wants to pretend it didn't happen, because it will strengthen resolve to finish the job. And for the ones who don't completely ignore it, will act as useful idiots is morally equivocating this with Abu Ghraib. The only thing is, there are no Americans dancing in the streets celebrating the abuses in Abu Ghraib, we are condemning it. I guess that's because we live about 1200 years into the future of Islam. It's time we get Dresden all over their asses.

War For Oil Update 419 days after the start of the War For Oil, gas prices remain high.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Posting is going to be a bit sporadic. My lack of employment caused me to lose my ISP, and I'm left relying on the library.

I'm glad the state forced me to join the Teamsters(/ sarcasm), they showed my what scum they truly were when my work productivity began to suffer because of depression. Apparently, when one is employed in an unskilled position, the Teamsters would rather find someone else's paycheck to leach from rather than earn money.

War For Oil Update There is more talk from Saudi Arabia that oil production may be increased. I think we should have just taken Saudi Arabia's oil when we were there instead of invading Iraq for their oil.


Monday, May 10, 2004

Winning the White House or Iraq? 

What is the Left more interested in winning, the White House or Iraq? When one listens to their rhetoric, especially that coming from Sen. Ted Kennedy (D Wino Alley), Sen. Bobby "Sheets" Byrd (D KKK), Rep. Charlie Rangel (D is for dumbass), is drawing up articles of impeachment, and the comments made by Jean F'ing Ketchup, it becomes clear the Left would rather sit in the White House than win the war in Iraq. I got this from Newsmax.com yesterday. Consider,
A gentleman from Virginia, proud parent of a decorated Army officer serving in Iraq, writes to us, "I am so fed up with the anti-American propaganda coming from some Americans that I wrote the open letter below. I will appreciate it very much if you include it": [text of letter follows]

An open letter to some political partisans, especially certain politicians and people in the media: I have a son who is an American soldier in Iraq.

I care very much about what affects him and his comrades in arms.

I am not fooled, when you partisans spew propaganda that helps our enemies and harms our soldiers, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you focus on, highlight, and exaggerate the negative things that happen in Iraq, while ignoring our positive accomplishments, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you focus attention on American soldiers killed and wounded in Iraq, to use these brave patriots as an anti-Iraq-war political football, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you keep criticizing why and how we invaded Iraq - that is done; our troops are there - then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you engage in constant, carping criticism of what the U.S. has done and is doing in Iraq, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you search for and trumpet to the world anything that will diminish respect for our soldiers and their leaders - even when it endangers greatly their lives, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you tell our soldiers and the rest of us that they are stuck in a "quagmire" and will suffer a Vietnam-type defeat, then tell us you support our troops.

I am not fooled, when you spout propaganda that undermines the morale of our soldiers and the American public and boosts the morale of our enemies, then tell us you support our troops.

You are giving aid and comfort to our nation's deadly enemies! They know they cannot defeat us militarily in Iraq. However, you cause them to think they can win here politically by breaking our will, if they kill and wound enough of our soldiers.

You despicable partisans! You are stimulating our enemies to attack our soldiers and the people working with them. The blood of many Americans and Iraqis is already on your hands. And your hands collect more blood every day!

You are determined to regain the political power you have lost, and you believe your presidential candidate and congressional candidates will win, if the U.S. fails in Iraq.

If your anti-American propaganda contributes to the deaths of many Americans and Iraqis, that is a price you are willing to make them pay. You are pathetic and dangerous!

I am not fooled, when you contemptible politicians and other political partisans, including many in the media, tell us you support our troops. I know that is a lie!

I am not fooled, when you claim spreading your pernicious, divisive, anti-American venom makes you patriotic. I know it does not - and I know you are not!

The Left has to tell us how they support our troops because it is not evident. I'll say it again, they would rather win the White House than the War on Terror. Why? Power. They are out of power, and want it back. The Left is using fake outrage over the Abu Ghraib prison, do they have the same outrage for other human rights abuses? No. The Left thinks the UN will give us credibility in Iraq while forgetting the BloodOil-for-Money scandal. They play politics with the lives of our troops. If that's not a complete outrage, then I don't know what is.

War For Oil Update 416 days after the start of the War for Oil, there is talk that OPEC might raise oil production. In other oil news, Iraq has surpassed pre-war oil output levels, but that cheap oil has yet to reach us.

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