Saturday, May 22, 2004

Our Failed Education System 

I was out jogging last week, and I saw some high school kid walk by wearing a Che Guvera shirt. Only in AmeriKKKa can a president who liberated 50 million people from brutal, murderous, repressive tyrannies be reviled and mass murderers such as Pol Pot, Mao, Kim Jong-Il, Fidel Castro, Uncle" Joe Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and Che Guvera be revered. It got me to thinking, why does this happen? One has to look at two places, pop culture coming out of Hollywierd and our education system. Everyone knows that there is a vast culture of anti-AmeriKKKanism that comes out of Hollywierd, and other websites have focused on it. My concern is out education system, and I have come up with a theory on why this is so.
I see the main focus of this coming mostly from high school and colleges. There are occasional reports of idiocy that come from middle schools and elementaries, but for the most part it comes out when kids tend to be older and more politically aware. My theory shows that there are primarily two types of teachers, the vast majority are the indoctrinateors, but there remain a few lone holdouts that are educators.
The indoctrinateors are the ones who are responsible for people who walk around wearing Che Guvera shirts. They are the ones who think that Pres. B is a war criminal, but the mass murderers of the world are great men (see above for list of murderers). They are the ones who think that in spite of all evidence communism works. I mean why not, communism works in Cuba, they have cradle to grave health care. Never mind that our health care system is billions times better. They think that income redistribution and "social justice" are the best economic systems to go by. Never mind the evidence that the poorest countries in the world are communist nations, i.e. Cuba, North Korea (I hesitate to put China in the Communist category because it is more a capitalist country run by communists). The indoctrinateors are the type of teachers who want to tell students what to think not to teach them how to think for themselves and to make their own decisions.
Which brings me to the educators. The educators are the teachers who want students to learn to think for themselves, not to force feed them dogma and tell them how to think. The educators are the ones who will teach both sides of an issue in a non-biased way and allow for students to make their own decisions. I see one of the major reasons that educators are a dying breed in education is (and in the interest of self disclosure, I am anti-union) is the NEA. The NEA is part of the liberal (mainstream) part of the Democrat party, the section of the party that hates AmeriKKKa, and all that it stands for. I had planned on teaching as a career, and still want to, but I don't think that I could slog my way through the piles of BS put in front of me by the NEA. Just to use a random example of the NEA's BS, on the anniversary of 9\11, National Review had an example of lesson plans from the NEA, and the main focus of those lesson plans was not the murder of 3,000 people who went to work like any other, but how AmeriKKKa is such an evil intolerant place. The educator in me says, I saw it happen. The human in me cringes and asks why do these people in me live in America if they hate it so much? The logical answer is that most of these people who hate AmeriKKKa were indoctrinated in college, and were taught to provide a specific response to a specific question. If our education system is to ever improve, we most encourage people to teach who want to educate, and clean the educational system of those who want to indoctrinate.

War For Oil Update 429 days after the start of the War For Oil, there continues to be talk about OPEC increasing oil production, but no action has been taken yet.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

WMDs? Where? 

Last night on the Fox Report, Shep Smith corrected the original report of the artillery shell with sarin gas. The original report stated that there were only trace amounts in it. The correction, there were 3-5 liters of sarin gas in it. Where's the media? WMDs found in Iraq. This comes back to hat David Kay said, but was not reported in the Leftstream media. Iraq was more dangerous than anyone realized because of weapon stockpiles across the country, without any centralized control. As I've said before though, the media in not interested in the truth, but they are just another appendage of the DNC.

The media is doing the same thing with the WMDs find that they're doing with Nick Berg. They want us to forget about them. The Detroit Free Press had an article about it yesterday, along with an article about how Iraqi defectors lied about WMDs. So, WMDs are found, but people who reported that Iraq had WMDs are liars? I'm confused. Today, nothing about the WMD find. Liberal/Fascist dogma, repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. The media lies to us through omission. They want us to forget why we are fighting. Reason one was shown with Nick Berg's murder, the religion of peace murder, celebrates murder of innocents. The Abu Ghraib abuses where just a convenient excuse. They did the same thing to Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl. Reason the second was WMDs, and they have been found, the infrastructure has been found, evidence of movement has been found. The media doesn't want us to know this though because they are against the war and against Pres. B.

UNSCUM BloodOil-for-Money Update The UN knew about the corruption in the program.

War For Oil Update 425 days after the start of the War For Oil, oil prices remain high, although they might fall during summer vacation.

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